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Wood Supplier

Why We Are The Wood Supplier You Need.

Whether you are a distributor, millwork shop, or hobbyist - we are the wood supplier for you.  Our hardwood lumber products are top-quality, consistent, and reliable.  You can count on us to be there to meet your hardwood lumber and live-edge slab needs.   


When you purchase lumber from a wood supplier or manufacturer like us, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality lumber.  Our lumber is milled from ethically sourced timber within a 60-mile radius of our mill. Most of our lumber is typically kiln-dried, which means that it has been dried in a controlled environment. This ensures that the lumber is less likely to warp or crack over time, and has been treated for insects and bugs.   


Another reason why we are the wood supplier you need is when you buy lumber from a supplier or manufacturer like us, you are getting the material straight form the source.  This is often a much more cost-effective and personal approach.   


Having a relationship with a wood supplier like us will allow you to always have someone to turn to if you have questions about your lumber or your project. A supplier can help you select the right type of lumber for your project, can assure you of the quality of the lumber, and can offer tips and advice on how to best use the lumber. 

At North State Hardwoods, we understand that having a reliable and consistent wood supplier is crucial to your success. We are proud to be a leading supplier of high-quality Appalachian hardwood lumber to a variety of different industries and customers.   

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