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Hardwood Lumber

About Our Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood lumber is any lumber product that is made from a hardwood tree. The most common hardwoods used for lumber products are oak, maple, and cherry. Hardwoods are generally denser and more durable than softwoods, making them ideal for use in construction, millwork, cabinetry, and furniture-making. 

While hardwoods are typically more expensive than softwoods, they are also more durable and higher-quality. Hardwoods are typically less susceptible to damage from insects and rot, making them a better investment for long-term projects. 

We manufacture a variety of hardwood lumber products including poplar, white oak, soft maple, and cherry, all sourced from the Appalachian hardwood lumber region.  All of our hardwood lumber is kiln-dried using industry leading-equipment and methods.   

If you have questions on species, dimensions, or anything else, our knowledgeable team is ready to help.   Whether you are a distributor, millwork shop, cabinet maker, or do-it-yourselfer, we have the quality hardwood lumber products you need.   

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