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Live Edge Slabs - Walnut Slabs & More

About Our Slabs

If you are looking to add a natural and unique look to your next project, live-edge slabs are the perfect way to do it.  Our slabs are milled from logs sourced from western North Carolina and a surrounding 60-mile radius, milled using industry-leading machinery, and kiln-dried to ensure you will have a top-quality piece to work with.   


While we carry a variety of species including maple, cherry, poplar, and oak, our walnut slabs are of particular interest to many of our customers.  Because we own the process of sourcing and manufacturing the slabs, we are able to maintain a large inventory of walnut slabs at any given time.  Including our walnut slabs, we have an inventory of over 1,000 kiln-dried slabs.   


Our large inventory is sure to include the perfect piece for your next project.  Our slabs can be used in a variety of ways including live-edge furniture, countertops, cutting boards, shelving, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about our live-edge walnut slabs and other inventory, please reach out – our team is ready to help!  Contact us today to learn more.   

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